What is Lifestyle Photography?

There are many different definitions of Lifestyle Photography. My outlook and definition of Lifestyle Photography is a form of Journalism that records life as it is, but with an artistic outtake. There are more candid photos than there are posed photos and it captures the raw emotions of a person or family. It freezes time and keeps those memories alive.

Our Mission

With lifestyle photography, we aim to capture real-life events, moments and milestones and produce beautiful artistic images in which you will be able to cherish forever. Whether you choose to be at home, your favorite ice cream parlor or having a picnic at your neighborhood park, it doesn’t matter the location, we will be there help capture you’re most precious moments with your family. 

You won’t have to worry if your little ones have their eyes open, or isn’t smiling, or looking at the camera. You won’t have to worry about posing and hand placements; that doesn’t matter with lifestyle photography. What matters is that you can just be yourself with your sweet family. Smiling together, laughing together or just have a conversation. The options are endless.

What works?

Keeping the location simple is the key. A place your family enjoys and frequents would be ideal. Your home is always the perfect place, but if you want to have a little family outing for the shoot, that’s great too. We ask that you to choose an environment you and your family are comfortable in. I like to tell clients to plan a little event, like swimming in your pool, or having a picnic in the park or family reading time. These are those precious moments that you will want to remember forever.

Picking the time of day is dependent on where you want your location. If we will mainly be inside it would be best to shoot during the afternoon. If you want to be outdoors, the best time to shoot is during the golden hours of the day, roughly an hour before sunset. I also tell my clients with families that have smaller children, that it would be best to pick a time that’s after your little one’s nap.  Just a few tips to keep in mind when picking the time of day and your location.

What is included?

2 hour of shooting time

2 locationS

Up to 5 immediate family members ($20 for each additional member)

            o  Pets are free because they are just so darn cute!

50 high resolution images

An online gallery to download all your images

Print and media release form


*For family reunions, gatherings and events, please feel free to contact us for quotes on our event pricing.

General Information

We service the Greater Twin Cities area in Minnesota. We are willing to travel for a fee. Just send us an email as we are always willing to work with our clients for the best options available.

All images will be selected and edited by P&D; you will have an online gallery with a private PIN to download and save all your images. You will also have a print release form to give you stress-free printing of your favorite images at your local printing shop. If you’d like recommendations, we have a few we can refer you to. Canvas wall arts and large prints are available for purchase; prices are provided upon request.

So what to expect.

Once we have your date, time, and location set I will send you a portrait photography contract along with an invoice for a non-refundable 25% deposit. The contract must be signed, and the deposit paid in advance to reserve your session. The remaining amount will be due on the day of your shoot. You can start planning your outfits and accessories; you don’t have to match, but if you’d like to wear similar colors, that’s fine as well. Read my post here on what to wear for your portrait shoot. If your little one insists on wearing his Ironman costume, then bring it along with you; it won’t hurt to get a few adorable pictures dressed up as his favorite super hero. My best advice is to be comfortable. If we’re headed outside, be ready for the weather. We all know how Minnesota can have all four seasons in a day, so come prepared.  During the colder and wetter months, we can always reschedule due to weather, or change the location to shoot in your home. Did someone say “Christmas Decorations?”

2 weeks after the photo session, I will send you an email with a PIN number to access all your images on an online gallery. You will be able to download all your favorite images along with a print release form to give you a piece of mind when taking your digital copies to get printed. Your images will be available for download for up to 30 days after the images are posted on the gallery.

You can also purchase a USB drive with all images and release form for $30.

For family reunions, gatherings and events, please feel free to contact us for quotes on our event pricing. 

So, are you ready to book your family’s lifestyle session? Click on the box below to schedule your next session.