Ideas to Jump Start Your Weekly Project 52

2018 has come to an end and 2019 is here to stay for the next 365 days. Don’t let photographers block hold you back this year from growing and creating. I’m here to help you out a bit… So, in no particular order, here are 52 project ideas to try out in 2019.

1. Macro

2. Greenery

3. Winter Wonderland

4. Red

5. Black and White

6. Fruit

7. Toy Figurines

8. Blue

9. Happy Feelings

10. Floral

11. Cityscapes

12. Landscapes

13. Fine Art Food

14. Flatlays

15. Cosplay

16. Moody Floral

17. Mirrors

18. Bokeh-licious

19. Light Trails

20. Letters

21. Double Exposure

22. Strangers

23. Textures

24. Trees

25. Sunrise

26. Sunset

27. Smiles

28. Sadness

29. Action

30. Wind

31. Fire

32. Long Exposure

33. Clouds

34. Candid Kids/Pets/People

35. Color Theory

36. Insects, Bugs, Butterflies

37. Shooting at a Different Angle

38. Self Portraits

39. Metals

40. Vintage

41. Humans of ________. (BRANDON STANTON)

42. Night Photography

43. Street Photography

44. Kitchen Stuff

45. Hands and Feet

46. A Rainy Day

47. Empty Roads/Trails

48. Minimalism

49. Reflections

50. Panorama

51. Temptations

52. Blue Hour

There you have it! 52 ideas to keep you going throughout the year. You can choose all these topics in this order, or you can pick and choose whatever project you want to complete when you need a boost. Don’t forget to share your creations with us!

Happy New Year

Bruce Vento Nature Sanctuary

The Bruce Vento Nature Sanctuary located in St. Paul, MN is a very diverse piece of land I love to shoot at. There are so many different beautiful backdrops that will compliment any photoshoot you are planning. It's definitely my go-to spot.

HP ReEdit-4.jpg

Located on north shore of the Mississippi River.

This sanctuary is surrounded by highways and railroad tracks right along the Mississippi River; however, there is no access to river from this park.

HP ReEdit-1.jpg


This once was the site of the North Star Brewery in the 1800's and then an industrial and railway yard which was abandoned in the 1970's. Now, there is an ongoing project to restore this once polluted area into a beautiful park for people, and animals, to enjoy.

HP ReEdit-6.jpg

What's here now?

This 29 acre sanctuary has long prairie grass fields, ponds and tree-lined walkways. And I can't forget to mention the soft sandstone bluffs on the northern edge of the park. This place is very popular for hiking, birdwatching and photography.

HP ReEdit-7.jpg

If you're in the area, go check it out. Don't forget your camera bag!