A Day in the Life of Mr. Bo Jangles

Many of you know about our Dog Mr. Bo Jangles, or occasionally referred to as Bo Jackson Pollack. Our February project was “A Day in the Life of Bo” our little/big rescue pup. And February came and went, whoops! But February weather stayed for March and on a snowy Sunday we finally followed our beloved pup around with a camera and captured his adorable existence.

We adopted Bo in August of 2018 from the Humane Society, where he was a new arrival originally from sunny Florida. Bo is deaf (we think he might have just a little hearing left but can’t be sure.) This is his first winter with SNOW! and we are learning new things about our pup everyday. He’s not too thrilled about the deep freeze, but every time it gets warmer, he loves to be outside prancing in our backyard snow piles or taking long walks.

First on the agenda of a perfect Sunday Bo prefers a long snuggle on the couch before we take our morning walk. We looks up at you like this whenever you forget to keep petting him :) After a good half hour or so of this game we take a walk and he gets his dry food breakfast.

After our walk it was bath time, which Bo is not a fan of. He much prefers his natural stink, but with some minor allergies in the house, his daily grooming isn’t going to be enough. He gets the full spa experience with oatmeal sponge bath, towel massage and blow dry. Since he was such a Goob Doggo at bath time he got a treat (which is also a dental chew for our benefit when he’s in our face). Bo does some minor tricks, like sit, lie down, and shake but teaching him sign language is always a little tricky because mostly he’s just waiting for that snack.

Our living room gets quite a bit of sun in the mornings, and anything that reflects light is instant entertainment! Mostly its phone screens that catch the light and throw it on the wall, which gets Mr. Bo Jangles all excited! You can see him staring at the wall like he’s looking for the 9 3/4 platform in a Harry Potter Novel. Sorry muggle, you can’t catch this one.

The afternoon alternates between play time and nap time for Bo Jackson Pollack. His favorite toy right now is a rope monkey (or at least once it was a monkey.) His favorite spot for naps is on the couch, where he thinks he is perfectly camouflaged, snuggling on our favorite Mexican blanket or on the pillow with one of our engagement pictures on it. We often surprise him when we come home, in the afternoon and he’s napping on the couch.

Sometime in the evening we take our second walk of the day and see if we can find any SQUIRRELS! running around. When we get home we make dinner and Bo relaxes until we feed him. Finally, what perfect day doesn’t end snuggling on the couch while watching Netflix: here Bo Jangles is watching the French series The Returned or Les Revenants. Our boys will check in from time to time to pet Bo as well before his long hard day ends upstairs in his bed.

Hope ya’ll enjoyed Bo’s day as much as he did! Below are the photos of another busy day in the life of our sweet pet.