10 Things We Loved About Berlin

We went to Germany this past month and just fell in love with it. That country is so diverse and the people are very kind. We were fortunate to be able to meet great locals and get to know the areas we were in. Here are 10 things we loved so much about Berlin. 


1. The Bike Life

Berlin is famous for being a bike-friendly city. There are clearly marked bike lanes and bike rental shops all over going for about 12 euros a day. The commuter traffic was nearly as thick with bicycles as it was with automobiles, and there were many scenic routes through the parks.


2. Good & Cheap Eats

You can find all types of cuisine in Berlin from Middle Eastern to Asian. It's also one of the cheapest culinary cities in Western Europe. The Currywurst is famous (and tasty) and pork knuckle is a German classic, but don't skip out on the donner kebabs (a personal favorite). Pictured are some Lebanese lamb chops and a spinach-feta bread boat.


3. Museums

Berlin is home to some of the top museums in the world, and the most famous are all located on Museum Island. The buildings here are beautiful and for a small fee, you can access all the museums or just one. You can easily spend a whole day here, or if history is your jam there is a 3-day pass that gives you access to all the museums.


4. Public Transportation

Berlin is a massive city and it's all well connected by public transportation. We suggest getting a daily or weekly pass (depending on how long you are there) to get the most bang for your buck. We were on public transit for all our stay in Berlin and found it really easy to use and thankfully it's clean...ish.


5. Hole-in-the-walls

This city is full of character(s) and charm. The bars in Mitte are a great site to see. This place is called Schnelle Quelle, an antique store and bar. The owner has been collecting his items for 15 odd years before moving into this hip neighborhood just a year ago.


6. History and Memorials

There is much history in Germany, and Berlin was at the heart of it. Learning about the history of this beautiful city and seeing the memorials gives you a sense of the enormous gravity this city has had on History. Moments can be chilling but its important that Berliners are working to keep their history alive and remembered.


7. Bier Gartens

Summer time is when everyone is out enjoying the sun. There are plenty of bier gartens to choose from. Our guy recommended Kulturbrauerei, a 25,000 square meter former brewery with a large courtyard that has been changed into shops and restaurants. Pictured is some damn fine currywurst washed down with a refreshing Berliner Pilsner.


8. Mitte

Meaning Middle, Mitte is a large neighborhood that cuts through Central Berlin. You'll find all the attractions here from the Reistch Dom to Museum Island. Everything is near to this central location, and the public transportation was only a couple blocks away from anywhere we went.


9. Vibrant and Diverse Culture

Berlin is full color and personality. Every inhabitant makes Berlin, BERLIN and what makes us love this part of Berlin so much is that, Berliners are not afraid to be themselves. They are who they are and they are not ashamed of it. Go Berlin! Here a street performer works the crowd in the blazing heat.


10. The Patio Life

Summer time = Patio Life. Mostly because there is no air conditioning (in most of Germany but especially Berlin), but also why the heck not? Suns out guns out! Every restaurant you walk up to will have outdoor seating, and it's the best way to enjoy people watching and an ice cold beer.

Honorable Mentions

Germany DL-1.jpg

Alexander Platz

(During the Street Performers Festival)


Weissensee Jewish Cemetery

Weißensee is the largest Jewish Cemetery in Europe.