Singapore: Treetop bars and Merlions

The Island-nation of Singapore is delightful and unique as its Merlion mascot.  The Lion-headed fish is sits at the head of the Singapore River and overlooks the city in Merlion Park.  Wether you are experiencing the city during the day or at night there are wonderful things to behold.


Modern day Singapura is dazzling.

The skyline from Marina Bay Park is awe inspiring.  The 360 degree view from atop the Supertree gives you views of the Port as well as the downtown skyline.


Within the Botanical Gardens lies the National Orchid Garden.


Stunning arrangements surround you in this one-of-a-kind, hyperbole-proof magic land.  Seriously no praise is enough for this garden.  60,000 orchids and thousands of species and hybrids can be found in the core part of the Botanical Gardens


The island is made up of multiple cultures. 

A large portion of the island is inhabited by Chinese, Indian, and Malay residents, which make up distinct regions such as India Town where this elephant is located.  The diversity has lead to a unique flavor on the island.  While the bold may try some Fish Head Curry (made of red snapper) its a must to try the deliciously sweet and spicy Chili Crab. 


Singapore is always working on new ambitious projects.

The Supertree Grove in the Gardens by the Bay is a relatively new development with 160-foot trees covered in beautiful, exotic flora. Stick around for the Garden Rhapsody every night at 7:45 and 8:45.  Soon they will also host the world's largest indoor waterfall, which is sure to be another spectacle that shouldn't be missed.