12 Photo Projects to Keep You Shooting in 2019


2018 is coming to a close and as we reflect on the creative work that we’ve completed, we saw that there was a lack of personal photography projects. Which makes me feel a little disappointed. I love to shoot my clients and provide beautiful images they would keep forever. But what I also love to do is to shoot my own creative/personal photography projects. What I realized was, I didn’t make us a list of projects to complete for 2018! I said….. What? I love to plan and grow and learn… How could I have forgotten to do this minimal task to keep our creative juices flowing? So I made sure to put one together for 2019. But before I share with you our monthly photo projects for 2019, here are a few reasons to do it:


1.       Keeping your love alive. Keeping up with the demand of client needs can be time consuming and can take away your creative touch. Doing personal projects will give you full creative control of your overall image and you have no one to appease to but yourself.

2.       Learn. Choosing projects that are new or challenging will push you the learn more about photography. Lighting, composition, color theory, the list goes on. There are a plethora of things to learn in the photography world. Don’t get comfortable, get learning!

3.       More to share. Sometimes the demands of social media can become overwhelming. Keeping your Instagram updated daily, or your Facebook audience engaged can be hard if you don’t have content (we were one of them). With personal projects, you have your own projects to share, as well as your clients’.

4.       Something to do. We are based out of the Midwest and we don’t have our own studio, so we rely on the beautiful landscape as our back drop. And there is a stretch to time where shooting outside is not possible. I like to call it our idle season – from the end of November to early April. So to keep us shooting, we like to shoot still life or flat lays in our house; while drinking a glass of fine whiskey or wine.

5.       Your own time. There are no deadlines to meet, and no time restriction when it comes to shooting your own projects. You take your time to plan and execute the project. It can take one day, one week, or even one year. Whatever project you choose to do, it’s on your own time and there is no hurry (unless you set it for yourself).

There you have it… Reasons you should pick up some personal projects for 2019. There are tons of project to choose from, just do a quick google search for photography projects. Below are what we will be doing each month in 2019, so look forward to blog posts of behind-the-scenes and final images.

PnD Photo Projects.jpg

Happy Shooting!

P.s. Bo is our sweet puppo.